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(off of "25/7")
 Download (2.36 MB)

Your Girlfriend Is Ugly
(off of "25/7") 
Download (1.40 MB)

(off of "Kindly Remove The Stick")
 Download (2.18 MB)

I'm The Bomb
(off of "Kindly Remove The Stick")
 Download (1.94 MB)

So F**kin' Cool
(off of "I Never Get My Way")
Download (2.34 MB)

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Songs We've Destroyed!!!

Bad Company Cover (Live)
Download (3.43 MB)

Van Morrison Cover (Live)
This song is a tribute to our friends Pete and Wayne.
Check out their website. CLICK HERE

Download (3.33 MB)

Eagles Cover
Download (7.34 MB)

Bryan Adams Cover (Live)
Download (2.54 MB)

Backstreet Boys Cover (Live)
Download (3.01 MB)

REO Speedwagon Cover
Download (3.33 MB)

GO GO's Cover (Live)
Download (2.31 MB)


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